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Our Commitment to Privacy

Classy Guesthouse values its customers and respects their privacy. We collect customer information in an effort to improve your online experience and to communicate with you about our products, services, contests, and promotions. Classy Guesthouse recognizes that it must maintain and use customer information responsibly. We do not sell or rent the information you provide to us online to third parties. However, we do share your information with third parties under certain circumstances. This policy describes the personal information we collect about you, why we collect it, how we use it and when we share it with third parties. Our policy also describes the choices you can make about how we collect and use your information. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, click here to contact Classy Guesthouse customer service via email or call us on +27116810178. If our information practices change in the future, we will let you know by posting the policy changes on our web site or by communicating directly with you. We will notify you of any such change before we use your information in a manner not previously disclosed in our privacy policy. You will have the opportunity at that time to opt out of any new use of your information.

Smoking Policy

For safety, and health reasons and to ensure that our facilities are not exposed to items or actions that create an objectionable odour to other guests of ours, and is difficult to eliminate from the fittings and furniture, we do not permit smoking tobacco products of any kind in our facilities, unless it is done so at the designated areas of the building. As stipulated by law, smoking is only permitted in these designated smoking areas within the building. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with smoking laws and we reserve the right to take legal action against transgressors.

Visitors’ Policy

You are allowed to have visitors during your stay under the following conditions:
·        \You can’t invite visitors to our premises without our knowledge.
·        You can’t have more than four visitors at a time.
·        Your visitors can’t stay longer than 5 hours during the day.
·        Your visitors should leave the guest house by 8:00 PM.
·        You will be responsible for seeing your visitors off the premises.
·        Your visitors can’t arrive or stay on the premises without you.
·        Any visitors staying longer than 5 hours in your room or leaving after 8:00 PM will be considered as “Sleep-over guests”. 
·        If we deem your visitors to be “Sleep-over guests”, you’ll be liable for an additional charge for their stay as per our sharing room rates.
·        You can’t invite visitors to our premises with the intent of having a party.

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