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Booking Policy

-All rates quoted are on a room only per night basis unless otherwise indicated.

-All bookings are subject to availability.

-Rooms will be kept until 18:00 on the day of arrival unless otherwise assured or guaranteed.

-Full pre-payment of accommodation amount required in order to secure your booking.

-Check-in is from 12:00 and check-out is by 10:00.

-Guaranteed reservations will be held for the first night only, after which the accommodation will be released.

-Classy Guest House reserves the right to discontinue any promotion at their discretion.

-Please note that the credit card used to make payment needs to be presented upon check-in at the hotel.


1. Payment Methods

1.1      Credit card payments

1.1.1  The Classy Guesthouse website uses a secure operating system and interfaces with a transaction portal which uses a 128 bit cypher on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) (encrypted communication) for security purposes. The transaction portal is operated by PayGate on behalf of The Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd. All credit card payment processing will be done through PayGate's secure payment gateway. At the time of making the booking, the transaction details are presented to the bank and an authorization is obtained for the amount of the transaction.

1.1.2  Payment is only collected when a quotation has been received from the establishment, while the quotation has not yet expired and when the guest accepts the quotation. Once payment has been made the establishment is required to send confirmation of the booking.

1.1.3  If the establishment has elected to hold the room for the validity period specified on the quotation, the guest can pay at any time prior to the expiry of this period. If the establishment has quoted subject to availability at the time of payment, the deposit will not be deducted from the guest’s credit card immediately. The funds will be reserved against the credit card pending confirmation of the booking by the establishment at which time, the funds will be released.

1.1.4  PayGate use SSL3, two firewalls and no credit card details are stored on the Classy Guesthouse website. Transactions occur in separate places for security reasons.

1.2      Direct Deposits

1.2.1  Guests can make payment via direct deposit. A guest opting for this payment method will be requested to advise through which bank the payment will be made.

1.2.2  The establishment will be advised that the guest has indicated they are accepting the quote as well as an estimate of the time it will take for funds to be received in Classy Guesthouse's bank account.

1.2.3  Classy Guesthouse will then advise the establishment when funds are actually received. Typically it will take up to one day for an establishment to be notified of a receipt from a Standard Bank account, 2 days for any other local bank and up to 4 days for an international transfer. Guests should ensure that the payment method they select allows enough time for the payment to be received within the validity period specified on the quote. If the quote that is sent is subject to availability at the time of payment and the room is not available, the guest’s payment will be refunded in full.

1.2.4  Classy Guesthouse normally processes payments once per day, six days a week. Only when the payment has been received into Classy Guesthouse's bank account and has been processed is the payment deemed to have been received. Only when payment has been received within the validity period is the quotation deemed to have been accepted.

1.2.5  If the client selects the "pay via bank deposit" or "transfer" button, instructions will be given on how to deposit or transfer money into the Classy Guesthouse bank account. Clients must pay the exact amount and will be provided with a reference number for use on the deposit slip.

1.2.6  The establishment has the right to issue a new quotation at any time. A new quote automatically expires any prior quote even if the prior quote was still valid. Any expired quote is deemed as having not been accepted.

1.2.7  Payments made for bookings with arrival the same day must always be made via credit card.

2. Cancellations, refunds

2.1      Bookings will only be processed once funds are CLEARED in the Classy Guesthouse bank account. Transactions are accepted as completed when Classy Guesthouse has been paid the required amount in full for the relevant booking and the payment has been processed. The required amount may be a deposit or the full amount of the booking.

2.2      If a guest cancels a booking they may be liable for cancellation and/or admin fees as stipulated on the establishments’ quotation. By accepting the establishment’s quotation the guest accepts the cancellation terms on that quote.

2.3      As a deterrent to fraud, some establishments may request that refunds for amounts originally paid via Classy Guesthouse by credit card be refunded by Classy Guesthouse so that the refund can be made to the credit card that was used for the original payment. In this case Classy Guesthouse reserves the right to make the refund to the guest only after it has received the refund from the establishment.


Guests agree on behalf of themselves and the members of their parties that neither the establishment, its owners, employees nor agents shall be responsible for any injury or death of any person or the loss or destruction of or damage to any property upon the premises, whether arising from fire, theft or any cause and by whomsoever caused or arising from the negligence (gross or otherwise) or wrongful act of any person in the employment of the guesthouse.

Any damage caused by guests to property and premises due to bad behavioral or carelessness, or keys lost and replaced for security reasons will be for the guests account.

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